Saturday, April 16, 2011

Invite Love to Our Life

One day, there's a woman who lived at a time in the country. She saw three old man sitting in the yard of her home. Although she don't recognize the three old men, the woman said to them, "it seems I don't recognize you, but I think surely you all hungry. Lets come in and eat what the menu in my dining table".
"Is there a man in the house ?", they asked.
"No, they hadn't home from work", the woman said.
"So, we can't enter the house" they said again.

At night, when the woman's husband and son came home, she tell about of what happened at the day.
"Go there, say to them I'm home. Invite them to had dinner together", the husband said. Then the woman go out to invite the three old men into the house.

"We can't into the house together !", they said in one voice.
"why ?", the woman asked back.
One of the three old man explained while pointed to one of his friend, "He's name is Wealth. After that, he pointed to the other friend, "He's name is Success and my name is Love. Now, please discuss to your husband, who among us that will be invited to get dinner togeher", The Love said.

Soon afterwards, the woman into the house and tell with her husband. After hear the choice, the husband very happy and said. "very good, let we invite Wealth to our house so we will surrounded by wealth ". But the woman not agree with her husband. She prefer want to invite Success to the house.
The discussion was hear by their daughter in law, then give another suggestion, " would it be better if we invited Love alone ? our home will be filled with love", she said.

"Hmm, that's right. Let we invited Love as our guest", the husband said.
The woman go out and asked to the three old man, "which name is Love ? let's go an be our guest."

The Love stand up and walk follow the woman to the house. He's other friends, Wealth and Success stand up too and walk follow the Love.
See this, the woman shocked and then said, "I only invited the Love, why you two follow with ? don't you said that only one can into the house?".

The three old man with one voice said, : "If you invite Wealth, Success and Love can't enter. If you invite Success, Wealth and Love can't enter too. But because you had invited Love, where ever he went, we're always with him. Where there is a Love, there is also Wealth and Success...!".

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