Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Fortune behind the Little Thing

Handy and Charles are tow herd from a small village. They just graduated in engineering, then applying for a job at a famous motorcycle company in Social city. Their job applications was responded and they accepted to work there, but in different department and they must participate in trial during 6 month in the company.

On the first day at work, the Manager of the company give them advice, "You should do the best job posibble and have a good character in order to get success in this training". The two herd promised to work as well as they can and wouldn't waste the opportunity that has been given to them.

The next few days, they worked with high spirit, active, dilligent and never late go to office. The next 6 month, when they received the salary, Charles was dismiss from the company. Charles got angry to Handy and accused that Handy has report the bad thing to the Manager. Then Handy said to Charles, "Don't you know, a long day we always busy at work, we couldn't hang out or got relax. How could I have a time to tell about you ? Honestly, when I hear about this I shocked and confuse, why you that more clever then me dismissed by the company ?".

Tommorow, Handy meet the Manager to ask the reason why Charles didn't accepted to work at the company. The Manager then said, "Charles's job is good, but this company can't employed him because Charles go home without turn off the lamp in his room. This is happened again and again, so finally I must turn off the lamp. Different with you, the lamp in your room always turn off and your work table always tidy. How is the less acurate people can be work as a technician to raft a motorcycle ? That's why I decided this company can't give jobs to Charles".

Now Friends, let's we make transformation to be a good character, desire and our practice to the best. Accustom ourself to work carefully, tidy, cleaness and care to our environment. Try to take ourself in good thing every day in order to support our success.

One proverb said that, " to be able because of usual !"
Be Happy...^^

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