Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hazelnut Oil

I want to make hazelnut oil actually, that say very good to nourish our hair. But I don't know how to make it. until finally I got an information from a gentleman that sells herbs in traditional market one day. He was often make hazelnut oil to nourish his hair. Well... I tried immediately and succeed :)

All of kind growing hair serum had used, but it didn't give the satisfactory results. And I think this home made hazelnut oil will solve the problem. Back to Nature...:)

For those who want to try making your own hazelnut oil, I'll tell you how :
Take a handful of raw hazelnut, or about 10-20 seeds, then roasted (fried without oil) until lightly browned. After that mashed finely till out of oil. Place the hazelnut oil into a container, the oil will be multiply alone. then apply on the scalp that have problem on a regular basis. We'll see the the hair grow after using it 3-4 times,

Good Luck :)

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